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  1. Demonoid hit with massive DDoS attack
  2. Buy your own Mech Suit
  3. 2 pig heads hung outside mosque in France
  4. Mexican chefs make longest sandwich in Latin America
  5. Favorite News Source!
  6. Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping
  7. China develops undetectable steroids
  8. Media connects Sikh killings to 'hate rock'
  9. Obama admin is releasing any illegal who simply says they are a dreamer
  10. Roger Pion Crushes Squad Cars With Tractor
  11. ICP to sue FBI
  13. Mountain Dew: Hitler Did Nothing Wrong
  14. mothra is reality
  15. do you think journalists should
  16. Pussy Riot verdict draws worldwide condemnation
  17. EuroMillions lottery winner says he wants to reunite the original line-up of GN'R
  18. Woman Held in Basement for 10 Years Sues City
  19. Pakistan : down syndrome christian child, jailed and accused of blasphemy
  21. Romney too important for Nam
  22. Black arrested for hate speech in London
  23. Dyke commits hate crime...on herself
  24. speeder bike from Star Wars - now a reality
  25. Washington man arrested for threatening Obama.
  26. Texas judge preparing for civil war
  28. Shooting at Empire State Building
  29. WTF Europe?
  30. That's one small step for man...
  31. GOP platform proposes Tenth Amendment test for all federal spending
  32. The Republican Party Has a Reagan Hologram
  33. Al Gore Calls for End of Electoral College
  34. Thieves Steal Millions Worth of ... Maple Syrup
  35. Private Manned Mars Mission Gets First Sponsors
  36. Cannabis use in teenagers and the long-term risk to IQ
  37. Michael Clarke Duncan has died
  38. Carcass members to Obama: Stop using our music
  39. Prankster Pays Ticket With Pig-Shaped Money
  40. Man fined €150 for illegal downloads
  41. Chicago teachers remain on strike; city to sue
  42. NHL owners lock out players
  43. MUSLIM!!! RIOTS!!! SYDNEY!!!
  44. World Economic Freedom - Canada 5th, USA 18th
  45. Bam Margera: Masturbatin' Intruder Secretly LIVED in My Tree
  46. pakistani-protester-burns-american-flag-and-dies-from-smoke
  47. Canada's Totalitarian Shift
  48. Romney consults TWS, wears brown-face to appeal to Mexicans
  49. Brazil now consumes 18% of the world’s cocaine
  50. Romney doesn't get why you can't roll windows down...
  51. Russia Has More Diamonds Hiding Than The Rest of The World Combined
  52. Spain may split in two
  53. attractive white female goes missing / found dead / people lose their shit
  54. Wigger kills himself on Fox News
  55. WSJournal Accused of Failing Disclosure, 10 Op-Ed Writers Are Romney Advisers
  56. Does Citizens United matter?
  57. UAE maid not paid for 3 months, attempts suicide, arrested & fined
  58. Kid posts burnt Koran on FB so Mulsims torch multiple Budhist temples
  61. ESPN Starts to show Russian KHL Games on states
  62. The nature of man
  63. Facebook Hits One Billion Active Users
  64. 425-pound California gang member tries to kidnap boy, 10
  65. Your tax dollars at work: local cops now paid with federal money to troll IRC
  66. Taliban shoot 14-year-old Pakistani peace campaigner
  67. Arkansas Legislative Candidate Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children
  68. Zoey Ripple Wants to Hop into Bed with You
  69. Sharia Law hits the UK
  70. ‘You should’ve served US better and died!’ Debt collector berates disabled veteran
  71. Fox News turns on Romney camp re: taxes
  72. Lost & found hiker may be charged for rescue
  73. Marijuana Advocates Mount Challenge To Schedule I Designation
  74. You’ll Never Guess the Baby Name Uma Thurman Picked
  75. Holy shit could Fox News be any more partisan?
  76. Detroit news
  77. Free bridge between Canada & Michigan opposed by billionaire
  78. Death by Firing squad...of mortars
  79. Guy whips it out at a femnazi rally
  80. Inside Job
  81. Lucas to give all 4.5 Billion to charity.
  82. Police Can Install Hidden Cameras on Private Property Without a Warrant, Judge Rules
  83. Virginia man kills family and himself over fear Obama would be re-elected
  84. Major Snowstorm to Hit Winnipeg
  85. Elmo likes little boys
  86. Uganda bans gayness
  87. I guess ma Afee antivirus doesn't only kill Viruses
  89. Australian proposal would require license to smoke
  90. Appreciate: Ron Paul Farewell Speech
  91. Nudity ban in San Francisco
  92. France's rightwing party UMP just fucked itself
  93. CATO trolls Krugman
  94. Woman Jailed For Attacking Beau Over Bad Sex
  95. well, weed became legal in Finland (sort of)
  96. Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals
  97. Victorias Secret model wears indian hat - indians whine about it
  98. Failure @ WMU
  99. Kate Middleton is pregnant
  100. Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out
  101. Boy cardiac arrests / friend hit by car on acid
  102. Syria crisis
  103. Fisherman lost in Siberian wilderness resort to cannibalism
  104. Snyder asks for Right-to-Work in MI
  105. 2 Armed Robberies on Campus, Suspects: 2 black guys
  106. Aliens in Russia?
  107. Syrian Rebels build technical use Playstation Controller to Control Guns
  108. Shooting at Clackamas Town Center
  109. Police: Woman ran over husband for not voting
  111. Children and adults gunned down in Connecticut elementary school massacre
  112. Man slashes 22 children near school
  113. Westboro Baptist Church
  114. Save the Tits, Squeeze them
  115. Instagram will own you photos come Jan 2013!?!?!?
  116. Zimmerman sues NBC
  117. 4 Firefighters Shot, 2 Killed At Webster, New York Fire Scene
  118. Fox Calls Westboro Baptist Church A 'Left-Wing Cult'
  119. NHLPA given authority to file disclaimer
  120. Stupid Liberal is Stupid
  121. 33-Ton Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall
  122. Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf dies
  123. Moscow Plane Crash
  124. Pick Your Own Crime Statistics
  125. Kathy Griffin trying to give Anderson Cooper a BJ live
  126. France Counts 1,193 Cars Torched on New Year's Eve
  127. London Zoo takes annual animal census
  128. IMAGiNE BitTorrent Group Leader Sentenced To Five Years in Prison
  129. Sister Accidentally Shoots and Kills Brother While Posing for Facebook Photo
  130. Lewis strikes in Cali
  132. McDonalds down under renamed 'Maccas'
  133. anti-gay day in france
  134. Puppy Thrown At German Biker Gang (and escapes on a bulldozer)
  135. Westboro Baptist Church Comes to Bobby Nipples' Hometown
  136. The French Intervention in Mali Could Take Longer than First Thought
  137. Danny Glover Admits To Being A Fucking Idiot.
  138. Cornel West Explains Why It Bothers Him That Obama Will Take Oath On MLK's Bible
  139. Freeman calls Black History Month ‘ridiculous’
  140. American Indians are Chinese
  141. New Credit Card 'Checkout Fee' Arrives This Weekend
  142. General Mattis retired
  143. Obama Asking Military Leaders To Fire On American Citizens?
  145. France to deport Muslims
  146. London woman left disfigured by random acid attack from a Muslim
  147. Roommate from Hell?
  148. Muslim preacher rapes, tortures, kills 5 y/o daughter - Gets off light.
  149. Muslim suicide bomber blown up by spam
  150. This Super Bowl sucks more dick than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money.
  151. Drone strikes on US citizens justified in leaked DOJ memo
  152. Texas woman sues gym over 'sexually suggestive' exercises Read more: http://www.foxn
  154. Fox News Claims Solar Won't Work in America Because It's Not Sunny
  155. Jesse Jackson Jr. signs plea deal
  156. LAPD in Torrance 'accidentally' shoot 2 women in ex-cop manhunt
  157. Pope Benedict resigns
  158. Dorner Sighting Reported, Gunfire in Big Bear
  159. Unemployed man sets himself on fire in France
  160. 'Gigantic' diamond heist at Brussels airport
  161. Pastor who claims his penis contains “holy milk”, arrested and jailed for abuse
  162. Hugo Chavez sent back to Venezuela to die, report says
  163. Universe will self destruct
  164. Manny Pacquiao prefers to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in China because of high U.S. tax
  165. MSNBC boldly moves to plug its one remaining hole
  166. "Keep your so-called workers," U.S. boss tells France
  167. This Is The Kind Of Shit That Pisses Me Off.
  169. Chinese grave-robbers sold dead brides: reports
  170. Rodman says Kim Jong-un wants call from Obama
  171. Weird Fish
  172. Hugo Chavez is dead (nohatter)
  173. Ban on pornography set for EU parliamentary vote
  174. 1,200 dead pigs recovered from Shanghai river
  175. Judge Blocks Bloomberg's Big Beverage Ban
  176. New Pope chosen
  177. Penis Snatching on the Rise
  178. Twitter sued for $50 million for not naming authors of anti-Semitic tweets
  179. Poet climber ascends US embassy in Paris
  180. NASA discovers portals in space between the Earth and the Sun
  181. Supreme Court wary of broad gay marriage ruling
  182. Man wins $8K after Disney 'Small World' breakdown
  183. Sequester: Democrat theory of the case
  184. French Socialist Minister charged in UBS account scandal
  185. Disney shuts down Lucas Arts/Lays off all employees
  186. Jew in a Box
  187. President Obama Would Get 3 Terms Under Pending House Resolution
  188. Pork Found in Swiss Kebabs, Islamic Group Shocked
  189. Oklahoma Quake in 2011 Likely Man-Made
  190. Extract Hydrogen from Any Plant
  191. Lady Thatcher Dies at 87
  192. Teen Eats Ramen Noodles for 13 years.
  193. Explosions reported near Boston Marathon finish line
  194. Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion
  195. Glen Beck gives Obama until Monday
  196. France Legalizes Gay Marriage After Harsh Debate
  197. Obama admits to being an Islamic Communist
  198. Busted
  199. Fox News: Separation of Church and State created Nazis
  200. US government wiretapping EVERYONE?
  201. Plastic Gun
  202. Brazillian Woman Deepthroats...
  203. Samsung announces 5G data breakthrough
  205. Ariel Castro is innocent. Why are you laughing?
  206. Mayan pyramid bulldozed by road construction firm
  207. Yahoo to buy Tumblr for $1.1bn
  208. How Religions Change Their Mind
  209. Muslim beheads soldier in London streets
  210. US backed rebels slaughter entire village in Syria
  211. Burger King's hands-free Whopper holder
  212. Pack of "Youths" kill man in Syracuse
  213. Israel kicks out Africans
  214. Steven Seagal international ambassador
  215. Jews on a Plane
  216. Man Tasered while trying to save infant son; infant dies
  217. White House defends collecting phone records
  218. RIP, sweet Night Stalker.
  219. Mother charged with injecting daughter with meth
  220. france police assaulted by mob after control of a muslim woman
  221. New eyeball licking fetish spreading pink eye
  222. Cop Executes 5 Stray Kittens With “Service” Weapon
  223. U.S. to send small arms, ammo to Syrian rebels
  224. Pentagon wasting $772M on Russian aircraft for Afghans
  225. USA/NSA buggin European Union, too
  226. Obama gives $7 billion of US tax dollars to corrupt Africans
  227. Obamanation strikes again Obamacare pushed back to 2015
  228. Egypt Overthrows President...Again.
  229. Shitfaced man caught peeing in shitter
  230. Soccer Ref Decapitated in Brazil
  231. New Egyptian constitution declares Sharia law/ Islamic state
  233. Detroit City files for Bankruptcy
  234. You Deserve Rape
  235. Baby shot dead in stroller; 2 black teens charged with murder
  236. Tumblr porn disappearing??
  237. Anthony Wiener caught with his pants down, again
  238. Good Cop.
  239. Lesbian Sentenced for Fake Rape Report
  240. Government spys on family, interrogates
  241. '87 rape-hoaxer finally shells out for slander
  242. Norway Prime Minister Works As Secret Taxi Driver To Listen To Voters
  243. 3 Teenagers Kill Guy for no reason
  244. Jordan's sister busted
  245. WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies
  247. Syria
  248. Chinese Boy, 6, gets his eyeballs gouged out.
  249. Feminist Posts Picture of Herself, Hilarity Ensues
  250. Putin Op Ed's for the New York Times