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  1. You should totally track down TripleOh and Radikal and ask them to join the boards.
  2. I claim this account.
  3. so what is this place?
  4. I Think I got banned from that other site
  5. Okay eastside I joined
  6. Where's NHL?
  7. Ah hell nah what up dog?
  8. Damn, y'all niggas go hard.
  9. HELL YA
  10. So what happens now?
  11. What were your HC names?
  12. I'm Here!
  13. Damn!
  14. COOOODEEEEE checking in.
  15. congrats to supermensa team six
  16. I Love You Guys
  17. Who needs to come over to the SM side?
  18. it's cool guys im here
  19. This forum gets my...
  20. WHats up folks!
  21. :D
  22. So, is HC.com never coming back
  23. WTF happened to horrorcore.com
  24. So, I just found out about this Board
  25. I said fuck it.
  26. FMOSM
  27. My name is Antonio
  28. This couch is comfy... Im moving in
  29. Yo
  30. What happened to Sheen
  31. 'ight
  32. The Second Cuming of Yin Yang...
  33. The Graveyard
  34. Nothing to see here...
  35. Dear Marrow.
  36. helloooo
  37. What has happened?
  38. Did that guy ever come back?
  39. My name is UndergroundHorrorRap
  40. yep
  41. ey yo...
  43. Hello f(r)iends
  44. sup...
  45. whats up?
  46. two faced bitches
  47. Timekiller: an electronic monument
  48. World Ending
  49. problems with tattoos
  50. Hello
  51. So.. Who's still around?
  52. Does (HC member) poast here
  53. hi everyone
  54. does Poltart still post here?
  55. yo
  56. hey look... a newbie :O
  57. what's up here?
  58. I'm a Sun and Moon expert of some kind.
  59. Sir Isaac Lime just signed up
  60. WTF
  61. Lol this place is dead as shit brahs
  62. ......... word
  63. ........
  64. how are you doing mates?
  65. New member
  66. What's up, I'm back, you won't remember me.
  67. Whats up
  68. Long time no seen
  69. Hello
  70. Been a while.
  71. Wat's happenin', thugs?
  72. My god...
  73. what the fuck?
  74. hey all...
  75. something unoriginal
  76. FKA Kasket Kyle aka relliK laireS aka Skitzo aka shitty rapper
  77. Hello, I'm Lemnoc the Destroyer
  78. Hello All!
  79. Hi, how are you
  80. Hey remember me
  81. My humble manifesto
  82. Yo what are the top collabos you would like to see with ICP that have not been done?
  83. so im new faggots...
  84. What the fucking shit is this retarded random question
  85. My name is SickFlick and I love mobile phones
  86. Hello
  87. huh
  88. What's up
  89. Konnichiwa
  90. The Fetus
  91. Hey what's up
  92. Clay Saxton sucks balls
  93. I will serve, obey and please my Master.
  94. Old Horrorcore.com member from early 2000s
  95. Sup bitches
  96. I am the new girl
  97. Exclusive: Lisa is posting under donny's brother's account
  98. Exclusive: Lisa told me which of your members originally gave her the link here
  99. Exclusive: Lisa
  100. Welcome to our newest member, Adolf Hitler
  101. I needle felted a Junimo!
  102. Hi
  103. A bit about myself
  104. Not able to post any images
  105. Hey Vsauce, Michael here.
  106. A few things about me now.
  107. I'm back, and I'm never leaving again
  108. Obligatory attention seeking thread to notify you of my presence
  109. I'm a transgender
  110. Hi my name is Devin.
  111. Hello
  113. hi new here