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Thread: The ROG Phone

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    Re: The ROG Phone

    What's the price?

    Get a BLU = 100$ Comes with head phones, has pretty much all of the same features minus the 1000$ much price and the accessories.

    Most Android devices post 2011 have Bluetooth, Bluetooth your phone to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and Bluetooth monitor or cast/ do the thing your phone does to display it on smart TVs or use a micro-usb to HDMI cable to plug it directly into your HDMI compatible device.

    8 gigs of ram is small on a phone going at 1000$

    If youre going to spend that kind of money I'd suggest buying a galaxy s7 edge or better galaxy model.

    I like the note 9.
    900$ comes with a stylist, has the best battery performance I've seen from display phones, fixed the exploding battery problem in the note 8, can be used for business, gaming and personal, has the memory card expansion slot and since it is the current gen Samsung note and extremely expensive for a phone its memory storage slot is likely to be bigger than 128gb since micro ADHD cards are at 500gb+ these days, also 32gb internal memory is standard.

    Internal memory is important because most apps won't function on an SD card.

    Although if you get a fast enough as card you could possibly run any app on the SD card since the transfer speed would be quicker and the app would be able to send and receive information faster.

    Also Samsung smartphones are the best smart phones I've used because of how specific you could get your phones UI to your use.

    Also the they're waterproof.

    Also any errors in this post are made by someone's butthurtness, not my fault.
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