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Randy Orton Nude (or Randy Orton Naked, or other derivatives thereof) is a Supermensan meme derived from the site's inadvertent ability to drive in Google search traffic for faggot perverts looking for Orton porn. July 22nd 2011 marked the first hit on the site for someone fiending for some viper cock. Since then traffic has risen exponentially, much like the flaccid prick of anyone thinking they actually found wrestler porn on a forum called "super mensa". Fuck.

Clarence is credited with starting the endemic. The large number of poasts on the site relating to both porn and the WWF must have fucked with Google results, or something. Since then, forum discussion has only caused the site to skyrocket in google results, feeding into the vicious circle that is free pornography.



Jul - 6

Aug - 122

Sep - 494

Oct - 773

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